Haida Animations

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The Haidawood Animations resulted from a collaboration between K’aalts’idaa K’ah Haida Storytelling Society and Dr. Kenneth Raj Leslie.  They combine social commentary and activism with Haida language and cultural expression in an entirely new form, Haida Stop Motion animation.  With meticulous sets built from cardboard, figurines, red cedar, avocado pits and feathers, these works involved broad community participation including Haida elders like Ts’ini Stephen Brown.

Haida Raid 3: Save Our Waters, 2014
Best Music Video at the 2014 ImagiNATIVE Film Festival

Nuu Story, 2013

Taaw Hill Story, 2013

Haida Raid 2: A message to Stephen Harper, 2012

Yaanii K’uuka, 2008

Golden Spruce, 2008

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© 2024 Jaalen Edenshaw