Haida Emoji

Hat’an inaas gya stla k’aalaangangs uu iijang, Gaagananuu asaasii sGa Gaadee tla gyaandangs!

This is typing for young people, to use on the internet!

Haida Emoji App, Ready for Download on the Apple Store!

A Haida take on Emoji. Including Chilkat, Long Ago Story emoji and Haida language expressions!


The Haida Emoji Project will continue.  Watch for more sets!!

The project is a collaboration between Gandll GyaaGang, Jaalen Edenshaw and ‘Yaanahuu, Geoff Horner.  We would like to acknowledge the help of our elder, GwaaGanad in all aspects of reviewing the emoji.  Thanks to Jaskwaan for the Haida language phrase for the app.   We would also like to thank the people who gave us feedback and helped testing the app:  Nora, Wiijaa, Niisii, Haana, Jisgang, Jaskwaan, Margot, Cooper, Tyler, and Susan.

Our sticker app is for use in Messages on iOS for iPhone and iPad.  You can download it on the Apple App Store:


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